Terms of use

SECTION 1 - Who are we ?

Contact us :

  • By phone : with the number on the website, from monday to friday 9h00 AM to 12h00 AM and 2h00 PM to 5h00 PM.
  • By email : by our contact form.
  • By email : from your customer account, once you have signed in.
  • By mail : EPSYLONE, 11 rue de la faiencerie, 57565 Niderviller – France

ARTICLE 2 - Definitions and Terminology

In order to understand and simplify some terms used in this document, the following is determined :
The "Site" : it means our internet site
The "Services" : it means a set of web content whose vocation is to exchange and publish information as well as to sell products and services.
The "Client" : it means a physical person using the Services
The "Society" : it means our society

ARTICLE 3 - Scope of application

It is specified beforehand that the present conditions govern the use of the Site. These conditions apply to the exclusion of any other conditions, particularly the conditions in effect for the in-store or direct selling.

As our Services are diversified, additionnal or particular conditions to some of you (blog or forum) can apply. These additional conditions will be available with the said Services and must be accepted before their use.

ARTICLE 4 - Access to Services :

Our Services are accessible to all Client having an internet access. Any costs related to the accesses to the Services, equipment, softwares or internet access are exclusively for the account of this latter. The client is the only responsible for the good functioning of the computer equipment as well as its internet access.

We work hard at ensuring the best quality to access to the Services, without being required an obligation of result. Some Services can temporarely not be available during modifications on our computer systems. The Client is then warned by an explicit page.

ARTICLE 5 - intellectual Property

Epsylone is a registered trademark on which the society has exclusive usage rights.
It is recalled that all the intellectual works within the meaning of article L.112-2 of the intellectual property code benefit from the copyright protection.
All unauthorised use of an intellectual work constitutes an act of counterfeit as provided for in article L335-3 of the intellectual property code.
The Client forbiddens any representation ou reproduction, either whole or partial, either permanent or temporary, on any types of supports, and by any means, without any preliminary and express authorization of the society who can condition it to a financial counterpart. The disregard of this clause constitutes an act of counterfeit which may result in civil or penal condemnations.

ARTICLE 6 - Personal data

A personal data corresponds to any information relating directly or undirectly to an identified or identifiable physical person.
While browsing the Site, you can be invited to give personal data concerning you or a third party. This collecting is done when you :

  • Create an account (Name, Surname, postal address, email address, telephone number)
  • Connect you to the site (Saving of your connection data)
  • Carry out an order on the Site (information about the delivery)
  • Contact the customer service via the form or via online chat
  • Sign up to the newsletter
  • Draft an advice about a product and/or note it
  • Share a page or an offer through a social network.

6.1 purpose of collection :

The data collected is used to :

  • Sign in on the Site
  • Send your order (by warning you about the different processing steps of your order)
  • Warn you about a potential problem concerning your order
  • Issue your invoice
  • Allow you to evaluate the ordered product(s)
  • Process your post sale requests
  • Create promotional offers via newsletters (only if you are registered)

6.2 Legal foundations  :

The collecting of the personal data of the Site is carried out on the basis of your consent when you :

  • Create an account (Name, First name, postal address, email address, phone number)
  • Connect you to the site (Saving of your connection data)
  • Contact the client service via the form or by online chat
  • Join the newsletter
  • Draft an advice about a produit and/or note it
  • Share a page or an offer via a social network
  • As well as on the contractual basis when you carry out an order.

Note : You can withdraw your consent through a simple request.

The collecting of the personal data of the Site is carried out on the basis of the sales contract when you :

Order products and services

6.3 The information necessary for the implementation of the sales contract :

All the information necessary for your order and request processing are marked with an asterisk (*).

6.4 The recipients of the data processing :

The collected data are computer processed for the society and can be transmitted to its subcontractors, located in the European Union, who the Society call on for the implementation of the orders and services proposed via the Site.
Our subcontractors :

6.5 Your rights concerning your personal data :

In accordance with the French law « informatique et libertés » of the 6th january 1978, as amended, and with the European Regulation n°2016/679/UE of the 27th april 2016, you have a right of information, access, correction, deletion, limitation, opposition, portability et and making a complaint among the competent supervisory authority.

All these rights are to be expressed to the Society by post to :

11 rue de la faïencerie
57565 Niderviller

Or by mail indicating your user name and subscription email.

Or via our contact form.

You can also suscribe on the telephone solicitation opposition list "Bloctel" https://conso.bloctel.fr/

6.6 The duration for which personal data are kept (data retention) :

By default, the invoice data are saved during 10 days. All your other personal data will automatically be deleted from the Site :

  • After a period of one year of inactivity on your client area if you did not carry out an order.
  • After a period of 2 years of inactivity on your client area espace client if you carried out an order.
  • After a period of 10 years for the publishing of advices on our products
  • As soon as you unsuscribe to the newsletter.
  • Under the terms of all the remedies during a litigation.

As well, it is your responsability to keep any document necessary for the processing of your post sales requests.

6.7 Data transfert outside of the European Union :

The Society may have providers outside of the European Union. In this case, the society makes sure that :

  • They are located in a country that ensures a adequate security level or,
  • They comply with the typical contractual clauses of the European commission or,
  • They uses internal rules of the company (BCR) or,
  • They have any other protection measures recognized as sufficient by the European commission.

6.8 The security of your personal data :

The Society implements organizational, technical, software and physical measures concerning digital security to protect the personal data against the alterations, destructions and unauthorized access.
All the data that you provide on the site are protected thanks to the protocol TLSv1.2

6.9 The breaches of personal data protection :

The Society notifies to the competent supervisory authority (the CNIL) the personal data breaches as soon as practicable and if possible 72 hours at the latest after having taken some knowledge of it unless the breache in question may note cause a risk for the rights and the freedom of the physical persons.

If this breaches may cause a high risk for the rights and the freedom of a physical person, the Society communicates to the concerned person clearly and simply and by any means available to it, the nature of the personal data breache and has at least :

  • The description of the nature of the data breache, including personal data breache.
  • The name and the details of the data protection officer or another contact from who additional informations can be obtained.
  • The description of the likely consequences of the personal data breache.
  • The description of the measures taken or the measures that the responsible of the threatment proposes to take in order to resolve the personal data breache, including, if so, the measures to mitigate the negative eventual consequences.

The Society will carry out all useful and necessary investigations to resolve the said breache, and will inform the concerned person.

6.10 Litigation or dispute related to your personal data :

In the event of a litigation or a dispute about your personal data processing, you can contact :

ARTICLE 7 - The Data Protection Officer

For any request related to the personal data protection, you can contact our data protection officer by email : d p o [ a r o b a s e ] e p s y l o n e . f r
Or by post :

11 rue de la faïencerie
57565 Niderviller

ARTICLE 8 - The cookies

A Cookie is a file deposited on your terminal by the Site.
You can allow or forbidden the cookies from the Site at any time from the cookie manager.

8.1 The cookies exempted from consent :

It is cookies and/or tracers necessary for the site consulting.
To delete them and/or to have more information on the cookies, we recommand you to consult the internet site of the CNIL (National Commission on Computer Technology and Freedom) : https://www.cnil.fr/fr/cookies-les-outils-pour-les-maitriser

8.2 The cookies needing the preliminary consent obtaining of the Visitor :

Here is the list of the types of cookies which may be installed on the visitor ‘s terminal if he gives expressly its agreement, or follows its browsing (the Society does not communicate the personal information on the Visitors to the advertising companies, neither to the third party sites who display our advertisings based on the center of interest of the visitors).

  • The advertising cookies : Propose advertisements as relevant as possible.
  • The API cookies : Charge interactive geolocalization and security scripts.
  • The audience measurement cookies : Produce statistics on the visits and visitors.
  • The commentary cookies : Comment pages or articles of the Site.
  • The social network cookies : Interact with the social network by sharing contents, comments and advices.
  • The video cookies : Consult informational video related to our products and services, hosted on third party plateforms.

All these cookies can be allowed or refused by the Client at any time, from the cookies control panel of the Site (also available on the client area).

8.3 Lifetime of the cookies:

The maximum lifetime of the cookies of the Site is 13 months.

ARTICLE 9 - Hyperlinks :

The Society declines formally all responsability concerning the contents of the incoming and/or outgoing third party links that are subject to their own conditions of use.

ARTICLE 10 - The advices 

In accordance with the Decree n° 2017-1436 of the 29th september 2017, OJ of the 5th october about the advices published by the Clients, we inform you that :

  • The advice control procedure is external to the Society.
  • There is no counterpart of any kind to encourage you to publish an advice
  • The publication delays of the advices are from 2 months maximum
  • The advices are classified by chronological order
  • The storage of the notices is 10 years from the draft of the advices
  • Your name, initial of the name, date of purchase and of publication will be integrated to your publication.

All the advices are posted, excepted those listed below :

  • Advertising nature
  • Contrary to morals
  • Affecting the rights of the persons
  • Contrary to the law
  • Contrary to the current conditions of use
  • Promoting a competitor

ARTICLE 11 - Client obligations

The Client commits to :

  • Not use the Site fraudulently
  • Ensure that the computer systems are exempted from any virus or spywares
  • Not post information intended to harm to the Society on all support.