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Kidde 10LLCO carbon Monoxide alarm


Kidde 10LLCO carbon monoxide alarm : Sealed lithium battery - CE and EN50291:2010 - 10 years manufacturer's Warranty

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Secure your home by opting for the Kidde 10LLCO carbon monoxide alarm ! It is ideal to consider increased protection against this gas that can be fatal.

The Kidde 10LLCO carbon monoxide alarm consists of LED indicators which are used to indicate an alert, a defect of the device or that it is running (green color). It is recommended by the manufacturer Kidde to use a regular test of your CO detector to make sure that you are secure in all circumstances.

The power of the Kidde 10LLCO carbon monoxide alarm will not be a problem since it is a lithium battery, sealed that lasts 10 years !

This device also has a 10 year warranty, which assures you tranquility for a long time.
The CO alarm installs easily, and it is provided with a kit of screws and plugs. The detection device is equipped with 2 holes that allow you to screw it to the wall quickly and easily.

Technical specifications of Kidde 10LLCO carbon monoxide alarm :

  • Standalone carbon monoxide alarm
  • Alarm intelligent
  • Electrochemical sensor
  • Power supply : lithium batteries sealed for 10 years
  • Audible alert indicating when it is necessary to replace the device
  • Test button
  • Built-in siren 85 dB
  • Kit of screws and plugs included
  • Security anti-forgetting battery
  • Operating temperature : 0°C to +40°C
  • Dimensions (W x H x d) : 70 x 118 x 40 mm
  • Packed weight : 0.2 kg
  • Alarm's life : 10 years
  • EN50291:2010
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty

How to change the battery in my Kidde 10LLCO carbon monoxide alarm?

The carbon monoxide detector Kidde 10LLCO is fitted with lithium batteries which are sealed. This means that there is no need to replace for 10 years, where you use your device detection.
This co detector you will thus enjoy a better comfort, you always guaranteeing a protection of quality in the face to the fumes of carbon monoxide.

Do I know if a spike of carbon monoxide has occurred in my absence ?

It is quite possible, with the model Kidde 10LLCO, whether, in the absence of your home, an emanation of carbon monoxide is produced.
Indeed, the red LED will flash every 60 seconds to indicate a leak of co. You can then take your precautions and check on your means of heating.

How to check the proper functioning of my Kidde 10LLCO carbon monoxide alarm ?

This device detection of co is provided with a test button. It can be checked at any time as the internal circuitry of the detector alarm standalone co can detect a danger.
A simple support is enough to trigger a simulation of internal and audible alarm that sounds is the indicator that you're protected.

Data sheet

Hush functionNot
Type of power supplyLithium battery sealed
Manufacturer's warranty10 years
Digital displayNot