Smoke alarms

The standalone Smoke Alarm is one of the only home fire prevention tools. That's why it was made mandatory. This device alerts you by sound signal from the first smokes. The kidde smoke alarms comply with NF EN14604 for your utmost safety.


  • Standard smoke alarms

    The standard smoke alarms on Vikiddeo allow you to benefit from an exceptional quality/price ratio in order to protect your home and adapt to the budgets of the smaller. A smoke alarm is essential in every home so as to prevent the risks, and that each person is able to evacuate the premises in case of fire. It is, indeed, important to get a detector detector stand-alone smoke since most of the furnaces murderers take place at night. This detection device remains in constant action 24h/24 which ensures a safe protection for your whole family !

    Our smoke alarms are 5 or 10 years guaranteed and have a 1, 5 or 10 years life supply. This system allows the detection device to stay active all the time without having to deal with it. In addition, a beep sound warns you when the battery is low and needs to be replaced. This ringing lasts for 30 days which gives you a longer duration to change it.

    Our standard smoke alarms are equipped with a an optical sensor which is very sensitive and immediately detects toxic fumes. The signal is then transmitted to the audible alarm which sounds in the whole housing.

    The smoke detectors are available for lot 3 and 6 in order to provide you with the opportunity to acquire a large and secure your loved ones !

  • Smoke alarms with hush button

    The smoke alarms with hush button on Vikiddeo are practices to effectively deal with false alarms. The sleep option you can, actually, stop your detection device when it emits a false alarm. To do this, simply press the button and the smoke alarm stops instantly for 10 minutes.
    The hush button, is useful for not having to get out the alarm's battery, and leaves you with the time to air the room from which emanate the fumes. In general, it is the water vapour of the bath so that the cooking fumes that cause these false alarms.

    Our smoke alarm Kidde 29H-FR is available in a version with a sticker fastening. The latter is used to seal your daaf to the ceiling or wall without the need to use your drill. The sticker ensures you are both a comfort to implementation but also a long service life !

    And for still more savings, check out our packs of 3 and 6 devices, which give you the benefit of the additional discounts !

  • Smoke alarms with lithium battery

    The smoke alarms with lithium battery on Vikiddeo are ideal for have a comfortable battery lifetime! In fact, the standard EN14604 requires lifetime alarms batteries of one year.
    By providing you with our smoke alarms with lithium battery, you have the insurance of being in possession of a higher range devices  !

    These smoke alarms are equipped with a test button to verify at any time the status of the internal circuitry. Thus, it is easy and quick whether you're always protected. Detection devices warn you, in addition, when the battery is low and needs to be replaced by a beep sound regularly over a period of 30 days

    The smoke alarms Kidde with lithium battery is available as packs of 3 and 6 devices, and it is also offered with a sticker of a holder for a 6 pack. This accessory gives you the possibility to seal the ceiling or against a wall with your smoke alarm, without the use of a drill !

  • Smoke alarms with lithium battery and hush button

    Smoke alarms with a hush button and lithium battery on Vikiddeo allow you to benefit from two advantages for the same product !

    Actually, the hush button provides a key asset : by pressing it, you stop the smoke alarm for 10 minutes and you are fighting against nuisance alarms. When you are cooking or are in your bathroom, fumes from cooking or water vapour can escape and trigger the smoke alarm.
    With the hush button, a simple support is enough to stop it and then you can quietly ventilate the room ! At the end of the 10 minutes, it will switch on again automatically.

    The lithium battery allows for it, offer you a longer use for the battery in your smoke alarm. Some product have a 10 years lithium battery !

    Check out also the Kidde 10Y29, which has a sealed lithium battery with 10 years lifetime.

  • Accessories

    Accessories for smoke alarms on Vikiddeo are perfect to help you fixing your alarm!
    Look at ours stickers and magnets for easily fixing your smoke alarm in your home!

    The magnet consists of two parts and two sides: the adhesive faces are to stick, for one to the wall or ceiling and the other on the alarm. The relationship between the two is then done using the magnet that keeps them sealed.
    The sticker, as the name suggests, has two sides stickers: one for the ceiling or wall and the other for the alarm.

    Also trust our smoke alarm tester! This professional product is effective for performing additional checks on your daaf and it is advisable to use it.

    Don't test your smoke alarm yourself by using a lighter under the device or by projecting flames. This action is dangerous and can damage the internal circuits of the device in case of mishandling.


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