Kidde is the world's leading manufacturer of smoke alarms.

Endowed with a quality research and development service, Kidde makes a point of honor to create new technologies for the fight against fire. Kidde is a mark of trust and is perceived as such. With its many investments and its fire prevention actions with young people, Kidde proves to be one of the most appreciated brands by the French. As a guarantee of performance and reliability, Kidde products provide optimum fire safety at a lower price.

As the world leader in fire prevention and firefighting, Kidde operates in 20 countries and has 4 ISO 9001 certified factories producing 20 million smoke detectors each year.

Kidde attaches great importance to the quality of its products and ensures compliance with safety standards in force in each country: NF and EN14604 in France, VDS in Germany, UL in the United States, British Standars for England ...

According to several surveys conducted by two leading consumer magazines, the products manufactured by the Kidde brand are among the best in the market, according to reliability tests carried out under the control of approved experts.

Kidde's mission is to design consumer-friendly fire detection devices. Lifestyle changes, which is why Kidde products evolve to fit the best. Also, the Kidde product range is complete and extensive:

Kidde smoke alarms: they allow to detect any trace of smoke in the air by analyzing it constantly. If smoke particles are present, the smoke detector will sound an audible alarm. Note that the kidde 29-FR smoke detector was voted number by a consumer association and the Kidde Model 10Y29 was ranked second by a second consumer magazine.

Kidde carbon monoxide alarms: These co detectors analyze the level of carbon monoxide present in the ambient air. If it is abnormally high, they will react just like the smoke detector, by sound alarm. Some models have a digital display. Namely: the kidde carbon monoxide detector 9CO-5 was elected number 1 by a consumer association. It is now replaced by the Kidde 7CO carbon monoxide detector, which is newer and has the same detection technologies.

Kidde safe escape ladders: They are essential in homes requiring secondary evacuation.