Smoke alarm Kidde 2SFW-RF on ac


Smoke detector Kidde 2SFW-RF on sector: + 9 volt battery backup - radio Interconnection - CE and EN14604 - manufacturer's Warranty 6 years

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The smoke Detector Kidde 2SFW-RF on sector benefits from the technology interconnecting via radio link. With this option, the smoke detector Kidde 2SFW-RF can be connected with several smoke detectors or heat in order to give the alarm quickly after the onset of a potential danger.

It is possible to connect up to 15 detectors between them so that they sound together in case of danger.

Connecting to the mains, the smoke detector Kidde 2SFW-RF is fixed to the ceiling with the existing electrical wires. In the event of a power failure, a 9 volt battery will take over to power the device. You can also choose a rechargeable lithium-ion battery in place of the 9 volt battery.

Détecteur de fumée Kidde 2SFW-RF - Pile 9 voltsDétecteur de fumée Kidde 2FSW-RF - bouton de testDétecteur de fumée Kidde 2SFW-RF - bouton de pauseDétecteur de fumée Kidde 2SFW-RF - en 14604

Technical characteristics of the smoke Detector Kidde 2SFW-RF on ac :

  • Smoke detector on ac
  • Photoelectric sensor
  • Interconnection of up to 15 detectors in the radio link
  • Mains power supply 230 V
  • Battery backup 9 volt or rechargeable lithium (optional)
  • Sound alert of low battery
  • Test button
  • Pause button
  • Built-in siren 85 dB at 3 meters
  • Protective cover included
  • Security anti-forgetting battery
  • Dimensions (H x Dia) : 3.8 x 13.3 cm
  • Weight : 400 grams
  • Shelf life : 10 years
  • CE, EN14604
  • Manufacturer's warranty of 6 years (battery excluded)

Possibility to interconnect up to 15 detectors as a whole among the following models :

  • Smoke detectors 1 SFW-RF , 1SFWR-RF , 2SFW-RF and 2SFWR-RF
  • Heat detectors 3SFW-RF and 3SFWR-RF
  • Base relay

Download spec sheet pdf of the smoke Detector Kidde 2SFW-RF on ac :

Data sheet

Hush functionYes
Type of power supplyOn sector 230v
Manufacturer's warranty6 years